Cohiba Behike 54

On August 24th I experienced my first Cohiba Behike. It was a glorious experience. Big thanks to my buddy David for sharing.

The reality is this cigar looks fantastic. The wrapper is a nice light brown. The band is pure excellence. Cohiba does a fantastic job designing their brand and overall image. This band is just cool.

Total smoking time was just over an hour. Construction was perfect. To be honest…you expect it to be given the price…but it was excellent. The draw was perfect, a bit of resistance which is what I prefer. The smoke just poured off this cigar and out of the cap even moments after a draw.

The question I ask myself and I’m sure anyone reading this post who’s had one or wants to try one is thinking…is it worth the price?

The short answer is that depends. If you’re sitting on money to burn…sure. If your talking about an everyday smoke…clearly not realistic. But, as an occasional treat on special occasions – yes. It’s worth it. This stick was ~70 dollars. If you could grab them at 40-50 it would be a no brainer.

The Behike comes in 3 sizes. There’s a 52, 54 and 56. I personally think the 54 is the best size and best bang for your buck. I’ve seen the 56 and it’s massive – also draw issues. The 52 is too short of a smoke for that money.



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