La Escepcion – Exclusivo Italia

Another day. Another Regional thanks to a buddy in Chicago.

Last evening I met with my cigar aficionado buddies for a smoke at the Clayton. We try to meet up once a week and shoot the shit.

The cigars consumed around the table were (as usual) impressive. Davidoff, Regionals and a guest appearance by the Cohiba Behike 56. For the record, I still haven’t smoked a Behike but it looks like one is on the way very soon. More to come!

The La Escepcion was tasty. I enjoyed the cigar and recommend trying one. I was exchanging messages with Kyle Gellis from Warped Cigars who smoked one earlier this week. He described his experience as mediocre and the cigar could use some ago. I have to agree. The cigar was good, but there was a hint of harshness to it. A bit more time should smooth this out.






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