Cuban – Regional Edition Cigars

Highly desired, custom blends and a short supply. Let’s explore if Regional Edition cigars are worth the hype!

I tried my first Regional Edition a few months ago. It was a fantastic experience. When you hit a certain consumption/collection, regular production just doesn’t cut it. Whats regular production? It’s simply the generally produced cuban cigars pumped out of the factory in bulk, a Partagas D4, Montecristo #2, Bolivar Beli, etc. etc. are all regular production.

Just over a year ago, I upped my Cuban consumption. Why? To be honest I love the taste, flavors, mildness, and enjoyable aftertaste. I don’t smoke them because they’re “hard to get” – frankly they’re just as easy to buy as ordering from an online domestic retailer. Ironically, the majority of the time… Cubans are cheaper. Go figure.

After a while regular production becomes all too “regular.” The next step is Regional Production. For those that don’t know a regional cigar is very unique. They’re created for certain areas around the world and in a limited supply. They’re essentially a custom blend for each region. So a Bolivar Asia Regional is going to be different than a Bolivar Italia Regional even though they may look the same. If you’re interested, I recommend doing some research on this topic.

Regionals are more expensive. That’s a fact. Just because they’re expensive doesn’t mean they’re all going to be amazing. But when you get a good one. Damn. They’re good. A great regular production cigar can’t compete with a great Regional. I’ve learned this the past three months. I plan on dabbling in the RE cigar world in the near future. The only barrier to entry is cost and availability. If you can split a box with a buddy or two, it’s well worth the gamble.

My friend in Chicago has been very generous and shared some regionals and it’s been eye opening. I doubt you’ll read this, but if you do, thanks again Kurt.


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