OpusX Perfection #2

The OpusX by Arturo Fuente is a phenomenal cigar. The cigar is smooth, tasty, slow burning and an overall treat.

Construction is what you would imagine for a premium cigar – perfect. Draw is flawless with plenty of smoke with each pull.

The burn time is long…real long. You can get nearly 2 hours out of this stick.

Pricing – thats where it gets a bit wacky. You can pay between $18-45 a cigar. Why the huge discrepancy? Well, it’s a limited production cigar and shops take advantage of buyers. For the longest time I refused to try the OpusX. My local hangout charges the high-end price. So, I refused to purchase and try. I managed to find a place back home who sold me about 6 at 18 a cigar. Which, 18 is still a pretty penny especially when you start comparing to the prices for Cuban cigars.

Conclusion: This is a solid 9/10 cigar. It’s very very tasty and an excellent experience. It’s not worth $45/cigar…it just isn’t. But if you can buy at 25 or below – you should try it. If you can get it at 20 or just below, I highly advise buying a bunch and putting them in the humidor.




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