Smokers ETC. (Akron, Ohio)


On Christmas Eve, a few of us stopped by Smokers Etc. located outside of Akron, Ohio.

The lounge is a bit unique, the shape is reminiscent of what used to be there, an old Skyway burger joint.

One of the first things I notice at lounges is the smoke ventilation or in some instances, lack of ventilation. Smokers Etc. has done an excellent job at allowing you to enjoy your smoke and not sit in it.

Next thing thats hard to miss is service and friendliness of staff. Mike, the owner, is a great guy. Both knowledgable and friendly. He’s super welcoming and someone you like doing business with.

The walk-in humidor felt like it was working great. A nice humidity welcomes you as you enter the rectangular box. Selection was solid and I was pleasantly surprised when I found the Opus X collection at $20.00/stick. Something I pay double or more for in Chicago.

There’s several comfortable chairs with 3 large televisions mounted on the wall. It’s a solid place to hang-out, relax and enjoy a stogie.

Smokers Etc. isn’t a fancy lounge, but it doesn’t need to be. Its a great spot to hangout with buddies and partake in a tasty smoke. I recommend stopping by if you’re in the area or driving by.

Check out their site for more details. Click Here


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