Davidoff Winston Churchill Petit Corona

The Davidoff Winston Churchill is a quick smoke. Davidoff pegs it at 25 minutes and I would say thats pretty spot on.

The stick looks great and construction is, no surprise, perfect. This cigar is priced at about $10-12 each (more on this later). I’ve seen and heard mixed reviews so when I received one from a buddy I decided to put it to the Cigar Vida test.

Draw – loose…maybe a bit too loose but thats better than too tight so no real complaints

Smoke output – great, each pull gives you a solid amount of smoke

Burn – Excellent, no touchups needed but gets a bit warm towards the end

Flavors – I agree with the description below, it’s on the woody/oaky, spicy and white pepper spectrum. It’s medium bodied.


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 8.27.48 AM

*Image from Davidoff.com

Would I smoke this cigar again? Ehhhh…if it were free, sure. At $10-12 a pop that answer is definitely no. Nothing really “wow’d” me and would definitely recommend the Davidoff Nicaragua over this one – a cigar I really enjoyed.

I think some people might enjoy this cigar, I know some that do, but at the price point and my experience I would say it was okay.

*Apologize for no real time pictures as I smoked this with a buddy and didn’t have the opportunity to snap some pics*


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