Bolivar Petite Corona

This weekend I received a box of Bolivar Petite Coronas. This box of sticks was dated Sept 2015. Even though they’re a bit young they look great and the cigar I smoked performed perfectly.

They measure in at 5 1/8″ by 42. It’s a great size in the hand and surprisingly lasted a solid 45-50 minutes and I didn’t baby it. Construction was perfect. The draw was a bit snug but didn’t hinder the smoke. The wrapper is a nice brown bag color. The Bolivar band looks great – I’m a huge fan of this band. It’s so simple but I love its attention to small detail.




First third of this stick didn’t impress me. But once I hit the 2nd third this thing woke up big time. The usual Bolivar flavors are extremely tasty and this was no exception. It had notes of cedar, cream, and cuban tobacco. It was smoother than I expected.


The ash stayed on longer than I expected and I smoked this during a pretty intense storm with strong winds. Again, construction was impressive.


At this point the flavors remained the same – very enjoyable. The footsmoke smells delicious.


Once I hit the band it began to get a bit bitter so I set it down (attribute this to young age). I thought this was a great cigar. Compared to the Belicosos it’s similar. The Bolivar Libertador still wins – that cigar remains my favorite Cuban.


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