My Father Le Bijou 1922 (Petit Robusto)

After thoroughly enjoying the Le Bijou 1922 box press a few months ago, I decided to give the Petit Robusto a try.

This smaller stick comes in at 4.5″ x 50. It’s as attractive as the box press with a dark and oily Habano Oscuro wrapper. The guts of this cigar are all Nicaraguan.

The draw starts out perfectly – a hint of resistance but a mostly effortless pull. The flavors are delicious but in fairness to the box press…not as delicious! Occasional bombs of cinnamon (in the 2nd third) which are delicious with an occasional hint of the raison I tasted on the box press. It’s a tasty cigar, but if you want the full flavor experience you must smoke the box press, it’s the undisputed winner.


Construction of the cigar is perfect, which is of no surprise since My Father seems to really shine when it comes to crafting sticks these days.

Price is pretty fair…$7-10 each. This cigar lasts a while and stays cool the entire time. I smoked it down to a nub during my last trip to The Clayton.





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