First Cuban Order!

The question…can you safely buy Cuban cigars online? The answer is yes and I’ll explain how and share my experience.

Buying cigars online has become a pretty easy process. There are a few online retailers that are very reputable and you get that warm cozy feeling when clicking “Complete Order.”

Going outside your comfort level and buying elsewhere is a bit more of a challenge. Is it worth it? I personally believe it is and I’ve never had an “issue.” I believe my luck can be attributed to doing my due diligence and minimizing as many factors as possible. For example, read reviews. Call the stores and talk to the people. Look at the site and establish if it looks legit or not (albeit this can go both ways…some sites just aren’t pretty but the shops legit).

Transition to buying Cuban cigars. This is a grey area. Or maybe black…buying Habanos in the US feels like a black market operation. There are next to no guarantees when you order Cubans online…customs can snatch them up and you may get a refund (from a reputable shop) or they will try to ship them to you again. Personally, the wait is the killer and if they get sent back…who knows when you’ll actually get them. This isn’t shipping from Chicago to Boston. We’re talking shipping from Hong Kong to Chicago or Switzerland to Chicago…so not exactly next door.

After doing my research I found a few sites that looked appealing. One in particular had some great prices and reviews were positive. One thing lead to another and I discussed the site with a buddy who knows his stuff…ironically it’s the same website he’s used in the past and still uses. He said it was legit. If he says it’s legit I believe it.

I pulled the trigger on a box of Hoyo De Monterrey De Luxe (10 count box) for $80.00 USD including shipping. It almost sounded too good to be true. In only 8 days later my shipment arrived. I’ll repeat that once more, in only 8 days…I can’t get shit from California to arrive via mail in 8 days.

Packaging was simple but safe…shot from the elevator in excitement.


Included inside was a 69% Boveda pack…really impressed. It’s still nice and juicy.



Original box with a June 2014 date…makes these 2 years old.



Condition of the cigars is excellent. Only 2 of them have a minor crack in the wrapper…wish that number was zero…oh well…they’ll still burn fine.

Update: Verified the Cuban cigars on the habanos website with the box code.

To find out what website I used please contact me directly. I highly recommend  them!



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