Davidoff Nicaraguan Diadema (Salomon)

The Davidoff Nicaraguan receives mixed reviews…and I think I know why.

The cigar, in my opinion, is delicious. I thought the mild body paired beautifully with the Nicaraguan tobacco and subtle signature Davidoff taste. This cigar is really really smooth and lacks the typical spice/pepper of most Nicaraguans – something different which I liked.

This cigar is a Nicaraguan Puro, which is a first for Davidoff. I think they did a super job but here’s where I think others knock it:

  1. It’s not your typical Nicaraguan – not spicy or peppery
  2. It’s expensive – coming in at around $25.00 a pop it’s not cheap. Expectations of flavor might be a bit high at this price point.
  3. It’s Davidoff’s first attempt at a Nica puro

The only one of these three that inhibit my smoking this cigar again is the price. Would I smoke this again? Absolutely. Again, I really liked it. Would I spend $25.00 for it…no. The only cigar I’d spend that kinda money on, right now, would be a Bolivar Libertador because they’re hard to get, cuban and a relatively older stick.

From a brass tax perspective:

~Burn was one of the best I’ve had in years.

~Construction was flawless (just look at the photos below)

~Draw was perfect

~Flavors were very tasty. Not a typical Nicarguan flavor bomb but nice and suble with the signature Davidoff hint of taste. I smoked this in the evening and it was an awesome experience and one I recommend trying.

The cigar comes in at 6.5″ x 50, which I thought was perfect. It lasted a little over an hour and stayed cool the entire time. You could probably get a solid 1.5 out of it.



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