Bolivar Libertador (Cuban)

The Bolivar Libertador is a La Casa Del Habano exclusive. Measuring in at 6 1/4 by 54, this is a pretty big stick. Pricing for this cigar is a bit allover, average price is 20-30. I was fortunate to receive this free or charge – but I can safely say that it’s worth the price. If you smoke this down to a nub you’re looking at about 3 hours total enjoyment time. So if you do some quick math it’s about 10 bucks an hour…which isn’t bad considering most sticks last an hour and average $10-15. If you need to justify the purchase price with your wife just give her those numbers!

One word to describe the Libertador – superb.

This stick is absolutely delicious and flawlessly constructed. The burn is a bit wobbly but the draw is perfect (possibly the best draw of any cigar I’ve ever had) and flavors are incredible with zero harshness.

The flavor profile is cuban, cedar, dash of spice, doughy salty pretzel and butter. Trust me…it’s good.

The cigar looks beautiful, tastes incredible and is a wonderful experience.

From a Cigar Vida perspective this just moved up as an all time favorite.

Check out this great Libertador review


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