Nat Sherman – Timeless (Robusto)

At the recommendation of the gang at The Clayton I decided to sample the Nicarguan Nat Sherman Timeless. 

First words to describe this stick…buttery smooth with a dash of pepper. 

The Timeless is a mouth watering experience at an affordable price (circa $10). 

The cigar comes in at 5×56. The 56 ring is what keeps this sucker going for a while. I was surprised how long it lasted. I’m not the fastest puffer but also not the slowest. This thing lasted a solid 1.5 hours. 

The flavor profile is more on the creamy, peppery and earthy side. It’s not much of a transitional stick but it doesn’t need to be. Burn was perfect. Draw was one of the best I’ve had in a while. Medium to full body. Mild/Minimal strength. My only minor gripe is that near the end it gets a little strong, bitter and warm. 

The Timeless is an impressive smoke and if they keep it going people will be buying this guy well into the future. Making it “timeless.” Get it? 🙂


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