Padron 1964 – Diplomatico

I’m a big fan of Padron. They produce fantastic cigars and have built an empire from nothing.

Their cigars are consistent across all “models” and the 1964 is no exception.

When you light this cigar up you get instant satisfaction. The smoke pours off the foot and burns beautifully. The flavors are chocolatey goodness with some pepper, cocoa and cream. It’s as smooth as a milkshake and is easily consumed.

I have zero qualms with the 64′ other than I wish it was cheaper because I would smoke it more often.

As you pull from the cigar you notice the perfect draw from a well packed and rolled stick. It has a box press silhouette around a perfect 50 ring gauge.

As the cigar continues you take notice of the flawless burn. It’s razor sharp and needs no attention. It’s safe to say the Padron team created a solid stick.

If it’s not obvious…I highly enjoy the 64′ experience. Hopefully soon I can sample the family reserves.

If you haven’t had a 64′ yet, it’s time to get one.


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