The Clayton (Chicago)

The Clayton is Chicago’s newest cigar attraction located near the French Market on Canal street (212 N. Canal).

To see more of The Clayton Click Here.

I’m guilty of overstaying my welcome, although hopefully the guys there would disagree, it’s just a great place to hang out and enjoy a smoke, ESPN, and conversation. 


As you swing around the corner and walk about 20 yards you’ll see a set of oversized windows, which are typically pushed out allowing fresh air into The Clayton and passerby’s the enjoyment of smelling premium cigar smoke.

The retail shop inside is welcoming with 2 main rooms – the entrance area is closer to the windows with several tables, artwork on the walls and a decent tv up in the corner.


As you continue forward you notice the simplicity of the setup. There’s a checkout desk thats centered in the room. You’ll see an iPad, a cutter, some matches and a lighter. The humidor is a glass cube that sits in the middle of the room and can be walked around from the outside. To the right are tables and chairs and to the left is a glass panel of cigar accessories, including: humidors, lighters, cutters and more.


Let’s enter the glass cube! Once you step into the humidor you feel an instant humidity change. The humidifier is definitely working. Per The Clayton, its about as exact as you’re going to get and I believe it. The selection of cigars is good but not amazing. This is one area they can improve on. I’ve purchased several sticks and most have been solid. 

From a smoking perspective the experience is wonderful. As you puff your stogie you see the smoke get pulled upwards and disappear. You sit in amazement (not in smoke) because this is how it should be at every cigar lounge – someone finally got it right!

Something else that makes The Clayton unique is the people that work there. Two gentlemen operate the retail area and both are incredibly nice and knowledgable. 

At the end of the day the Clayton is still a business so you’ll pay a premium on cigars. The high Chicago tobacco tax doesn’t help. If your going to hang out then a few extra bucks is worth it. Buying cigars to stock your personal humidor is not recommended. Make those purchases online. 


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