CAO Flathead – Steel Horse (Apehanger)

I purchased this at the recommendation of a Binnys employee. He claimed it’s an excellent cigar. Halfwheel didn’t think the same…Click Here

In fact they didn’t just think poorly of the cigar they gave it one of the worst ratings I’ve seen on their site. A BOTL that I’m friends with also spoke poorly of the CAO Steel Horse – and I trust him implicitly.

Either way I was stuck with the cigar and after a week in the humidor I fired it up – hoping my experience would be better.

This cigar is a tank. I didn’t realize it at at the time of purchase because it’s in a box (maybe that’s a clue that you should stay away since the company doesn’t want you to see the cigar?) Jokes aside, from the presentation perspective I thought it was nicely done.

After doing some reading I guess this stick was geared for the motorcycle folks. It’s marketed as this tough, biker stick that you’ll see a guy with a Harley enjoying. I don’t fit that mold, but that’s okay (a good cigar is a good cigar).

My first complaint is that the flathead makes this thing literally impossible to cut. You have to punch it – unfortunate for me because the only punch I have is on my Bugatti lighter which has a larger and smaller punch…but they’re right next to each other so I couldn’t hit the middle. Not so much the cigars fault, blame my equipment. So I punched it a few times around the inside edge. Whoops. 


Overall look of the cigar is good. A few lumps but not bad. The foot smoke is actually pleasant – it’s not an Anejo pleasant- but it’s nice. Draw after several punches is working out just fine. The cigar is a smoker…definitely exudes plenty of draw and foot smoke. It’s not Drew Estate smoke, but it’s better than some.

Flavors- This is where Halfwheel really docked the Steel Horse. First light to me has earthy tones along with a bit of pepper and a lot of wood (some cedar). It’s okay.

Waiting for the 2nd third, hoping for a transition. While I wait, I’m noticing this thing has some power behind it – definitely some nicotine which surprises me, not expecting such an early rush. Burn is good so far – no complaints.

This things going to take a while. Dimensions are 5.5 X 58…feels like a 60.

Price…I paid about $8.50 / $9.00 plus tax.


The 2nd third comes in smoking like a chimney. I had to do a re-light but thats my fault for walking away from the stick.

Flavors remain the same as the 1st third. Strength had simmered down. The complexity is low…

Final conclusion: I ended up getting bored with the cigar and tossing it at the half way point. I can see how some people might enjoy this cigar and more power to them. It lasts a long time and offers some flavors that are persistent throughout.

From a Cigar Vida experience perspective it wasn’t anything to write home about. I can now safely say I tried this cigar and will not be smoking another in the future. Oh well.

Next smoke (or should I say treat), which I’m targeting later in the week, will be a Montecristo Cuban.








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