UnderCrown – Corona Viva

The UnderCrown (Corona Viva) is one of my go-to cigars. If you take a peak inside my humidor it’s pretty obvious…

The UnderCrown is a stick that offers a lot at a solid price. Boxes include 25 so when you do the math it’s approximately $5.50 (last box purchased on Cigars International). For this price it’s hard to go wrong, for this taste and quality it’s a high Cigar Vida recommendation.

The history of the UnderCrown is pretty interesting. The Drew Estate rollers are, understandably, huge Liga fans and were smoking too many. Due to the rarity of the Liga tobacco, Jonathan Drew had to intervene and explain they were going to smoke themselves out of business. As a compromise the DE rollers created their own spin on the Liga which caught on quickly. Willy Herrera then joined in the mix and refined the blend. Lastly Jonathan Drew stepped in to name the cigar and the UnderCrown was born.

If the rollers smoke these day in and day out I think it’s safe to say we will enjoy them and I do.

Per the DE website:

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.50.31 AM

Lets talk brass tax:

Burn: Flawless

Construction: Flawless

Look: Beautifully dark with invisible seems

Feel: Firm – fully packed up and ready to rock

Draw: Perfect

Price: Cheap

Flavors: Chocolate, coffee, cocoa, creamy, smooth, rich, spice

Strength: Medium

Profile: Full flavored, bold

For a solid review – one that I agree with click below!

Click Here









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