CURIVARI Buenaventura 600

Buenaventura means “Good Luck” and you’ll  definitely feel fortunate when you check out this stick for the price. In 2013 Cigar Aficionado named the BV 560 (56 ring gauge) the #7 cigar of the year. Click Here

The Buena is all Nicaraguan – Binder, filler and wrapper. It’s an exceptionally smooth medium-bodied smoke. I feel confident saying anyone could pick this up and enjoy it, rookie or pro palate.



*Photo from Anthonys Cigar Emporium (Box of 10 retails for approximately $50.00)

I smoked the 600, which means it’s the 60 ring gauge.

Draw=Good, occasionally had to double puff

Flavor=Smooth, earthy, light, pepper, creamy

Smoking time=Circa 2 hours

Smoke output=Good

Burn=Bit wonky, needed a couple touch ups – not surprising given the 60 ring gauge

I pulled this snippet from Halfwheel because it’s true & strange as of 6/6/2016:

“Despite having been on the market for more than two years now, the Buenaventura line remains absent from the Curivari website, and there’s little information about its backstory available online, other that brand owner Andreas Throuvalas, himself a former cigar retailer, wanted to deliver a flavorful yet still wallet-friendly cigar.”

Experience: Solid! This is my second box of Buena’s. I’ve purchased boxes of the 560 and 600. Both are such a great value. It’s a great experience especially while grilling or on the golf course.



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