Arturo Fuente Anejo No 888

The Fuente Anejo annually debuts during Fathers Day and Christmas. It receives strange reviews ranging from “not good” to “amazing”. When I research cigars I usually find the higher profile sticks to receive fairly consistent reviews, but the Anejo is a bit of an outlier.

This is my second Anejo – the first one was consumed during Christmas 2015 and this last one in June 2016. It had been just long enough to make me forget the original complete experience (albeit a recollection of enjoyment).

The cigar features dominican filler and a dominican binder with a Connecticut wrapper that’s cognac barrel aged for 5 years producing a very dark/rich look and providing a wonderful sweetness and spice flavor.

The 888 is 6 3/4 x 43. It’s a great and unique experience, but one that will set you back a few bucks. In my case circa 16 with tax.

Draw: Excellant – after chopping it down a tad more than I’d like,  due to the torpedo shape.

Flavor: Superb – sweet, creamy, spicy, licorice, cognac, unique

Burn: Excellent – had to re-light it once

Look: Incredible dark wrapper, very attractive

Foot Smoke: Amazing aroma, felt like I was doing people passing by a favor

Experience: Pure enjoyment, would like another sooner than later

Price: Higher

Smoking Time: 1 Hour 45 Mins


Photo taken inside The Clayton, located in Chicago near the French Market. Soft opening was June 1st. More to come on this shop, just need permission to write about it…but I’ll leave you with a one word teaser…amazing.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 10.19.46 AM


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