Kentucky Fire Cured – Fat Molly

In honor of the upcoming Drew Estate event, I lit up a Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly.

For those that don’t know, the Fire Curing process involves smoking the tobacco – check out the video below.


The Fat Molly comes in at 5 X 56, and is available in 6 other sizes. It’s an attractive looking cigar with a truly unique aroma. It honestly smells like smoked meat and a bit of a bond fire. Drew Estate built their brand on the Acid series so they’re clearly great at the infusion process and it’s obvious with this one.


The experience with this cigar is unique. You have to embrace the fact this thing is just straight up different. From a profile perspective:

Construction – Usual Drew Estate perfection

Burn – Usual Drew Estate perfection

Taste – Beef jerky, bbq, sweetness, bon fire

Body – Medium

Strength – Medium

From a Cigar Vida experience perspective:

I started the cigar while grilling back home in Ohio. It started out great and tasted really good. I was surprised by the flavors and the sweetness. I cruised through the first third really enjoying the experience.

I then put the cigar down and ate dinner. Bad move because I ultimately ate too much and this ruined the stogie for me.

Post dinner – So this is tough because I’m going to need to smoke this again because dinner was so good and I ate soooo much I had a hard time getting back into this. Why? Because this thing is too good at tricking your brain into thinking your eating bbq.

Conclusion: The Fat Molly is a cool experience. It’s unique and complex and incredibly well done. My experience was sadly tainted by my moms home cooking. Rule of thumb, don’t fire this up after stuffing yourself full of bbq unless you saved room for more! The reality with this beast is you’re not going to smoke this very often. It’s one of those almost too strange-of-a cigar that you think to yourself “Yaaaa I’ll probably smoke it again, but not rushing to do so.”

Some people are going to love this cigar and they might say I’m nuts for my above comment and that’s okay – we can’t all like the exact same cigars. Do I think everyone should try it? Answer is…yes.




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