A. Fuente – Don Carlos

Arturo Fuente is a brand everyone knows. It’s been around the block and built up a respectable reputation. The first cigar I ever received, nearly 16 years ago, was a Fuente and I remember it fondly.

Fuente’s are usually always mild with some tasty flavors. The Don Carlos is no exception. My favorite Fuente is the Anejo…just a top notch smoke that can only be purchased during the winter months/spring. I don’t always agree with Cigardojo.com but their review of the Anejo was spot on, Click Here To Read.


Back to Donny C:

“Arturo Fuente Don Carlos received Top 25 honors for 2015 (#4 overall) and a well-deserved 94-rating noting: “Its wrapper-to-filler ratios resulted in a perfect combination of the Cameroon cover leaf’s sweet-and-sour properties along with the Dominican binder and filler, which gave the cigar a zesty, nutty quality full of shaved almonds and candied orange peel.””

Since everyones palate is different, tasting some of these flavors may be difficult (or impossible since people get a little crazy with flavor jargon) but I will say it’s a good tasting and mild cigar. I had the Robusto, 5.2X50 which I actually enjoyed more than the Belicoso I had previously had. One thing thats happened both times is cracking of the wrapper as it burned. Yet, that didn’t impact the burn or it going out on me. I definitely tasted cedar, but I’m on a cedar kick right now so I really enjoyed it.

The other nice peace to this smoke was where I smoked it, which was on my buddies boat on Lake Norman in NC. We can’t seem to catch an extended weather break in Chicago so I made a spontaneous decision to head to NC on Saturday. Choosing which smokes to bring was difficult. I brought this one, RYJ’s, UF-13’s, and Undercrowns.

The weather was perfect and many cigars were smoked. Up next is the Padron 64′.

To read some reviews of the DC from some BOTL, Click Here

Lastly, Thanks to Izzy for hooking me up with this.



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