Cuban… Partagas Serie D No. 4 Experience 

I was recently invited to join my buddy for a special Cuban treat: Partagas Serie D No. 4

Being in the US doesn’t allow us cigar smokers the pleasure of frequenting Havana. It’s a rare treat for me and I recommend jumping at the opportunity whenever you can.

Cigars in the US are dominated by Nicaraguan tobacco…right now. This seems to change back and forth between Dominican every so many years. Nica is hot right now. Look at Drew Estate who’s built an empire with Nica tobacco in a few short years. Padron is also a large pusher of Nica leaves. The list goes on…

This isn’t a problem it’s just that it’s nice to get some variety.

Time out for a couple questions:

What will happen if the embargo is lifted? I don’t know… I also don’t know what to make of the new FDA announcement. Logically I’m starting to think the two might be related. Maybe I’m just a conspiracy theorist? Either way it’s all a bit too ironic.

Back to the Partagas experience:

I had a couple things working for me, first was smoking the cigar with my buddy who is a wealth of cigar information and just a fun guy to light a stick up with. The second, was that I was in a new environment that was absolutely beautiful. I can’t say anymore on that.

The burn was razor sharp. It went out a few times on me – not a big deal but it happened and is worth noting. Draw was spot on (Cubans can be iffy and impossible to draw on). The flavors were good but I can’t say they were amazing. Very one dimensional. Strength at the end was high…I could feel it a little bit. Overall, I definitely enjoyed it and I anticipate smoking more if fortunate in the future. Cubans have a Cuban taste. It’s the tobacco they use (the soil) that brings this unique flavoring. The No. 4 was full of cedar and I was into it. The aftertaste was also pleasant and made me reflect back on the experience.

Since my goal isn’t to write reviews but talk about my experience I want to highlight what makes the cigar world special. I call it the 3 P’s: The people. The places. The puff.

I just made that up but I like it and it’s true.

This one was great. Thanks Iz.

Just a reminder…you have to age Cubans. If you get your hands on some, stock it away for a while. Keep the humidity on those around 62-65 for optimal aging.
For an in depth review click Here!


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