Padron 2000 – Natural

The Padron 2000 (Natural) is a nice little stick coming in at 5×50 and around $5-6. I purchased a 5 pack for a total of $27.50

It’s nice on the wallet and nice on the pallet. You definitely get some coffee and cocoa flavors along with a bit of spice. I only noticed one transition, but for a smaller cigar this was expected. The wrapper is more on the rustic side – it’s not the prettiest cigar around, but that’s the point with these.

For a more detailed review, click Here

I definitely recommend the Padron 2000 Natural (I need to try the maduro next).

More on Padron:

Padron is an impressive brand thats been around for 52+ years. Founded by Jose Padron in the 60’s to bring a cigar to his fellow Cubans living in Miami that wasn’t from Cuba. He started out sampling tobaccos from allover and finally landed on Nicaragua (1968). Per Jose the soil was the closest thing to Cuban soil he had ever seen. The transition to Nica tobacco skyrocketed sales from 400,000 cigars to over 800,000 cigars / year.

At 90 years old Jose is an impressive and humble guy thats helped shape the cigar industry as we know it today. He’s also a badass – in the June 2016 Cigar Aficionado, he explained that he’s never used a cigar cutter and still doesn’t…he uses his teeth.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 9.59.12 AM


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