UF-13 & Bloom Cigar Company

At the recommendation of a buddy, I purchased not 1 but a box worth of UF-13’s…I guess that just goes to show how much I trust him.

I started out the process of researching the blend and flavor profile on Halfwheel. Click Here for the article.

The problem with the Liga Privda Unico Serie UF-13 is that they’re very difficult to come by – hence why I pulled the trigger on a box.

As a T-52, #9 and Undercrown fan I knew this would be a safe bet so I began trying to track down 1…if not more online.

After a little bit of time I came across a Pittsburgh staple, Bloom Cigar Company. They had a box left and even better, it was on-sale. I pulled the trigger for a grand total of $159.00. Free shipping and no tax.

Their checkout process is a bit unique because you put in your information and then they call you for your credit card info. I assume it’s because they don’t have an ecommerce setup and not to verify your age.

Once processed I received a call that the shipment was heading out and I’d receive an email with the tracking number. Regardless they gave me the # over the phone. Customer service was top-notch.

A few days later my shipment arrived. They told me they tossed in a couple goodies, but didn’t realize how great of goodies they were.


I received an Alec Bradley sampler of 5 sticks along with a Drew Estate cutter. Free cigars=Awesome. Free Cutter=Awesome (of which feels very nice and great quality…TBD).

The UF-13 Experience

I only had these cigars in my humidor for a few days, but was at Biggs for a birthday celebration and decided to bring one along. If you want all the details I recommend clicking the article above, but my experience with the UF-13 was one of much pleasure. It’s a very smooth cigar with great flavors and low-mid strength. I literally smoked it down to a nub, which I could easily have kept going because the cigar kept cool. It’s a very impressive stick that I definitely recommend. I will smoke a few more this summer and will try aging a few for a year or two to see how they develop. As usual, it’s just a great cigar from a great manufacturer.


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