UnderCrown Manifesto Review

I received the UnderCrown Manifesto while attending a Drew Estate event in Chicago. I was really looking forward to lighting this up since acquiring. It sat in my humidor for about a month and today, Saturday, I pulled it out.


The Manifesto is pegged as an event cigar – side note this can’t be purchased…

Dimensions are 11X40

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Brazilian Mata Fina
Filler: Nicaraguan & Honduran

Total Smoking time was about 3 hours. This is partially because it went out on me several times and I’d walk away and come back, re-light and enjoy. This was repeated many times.

Flavor of the cigar started out very tasty. It was a combination of creamy, coffee, some black pepper and just a tad of cedar.

The cigar is good, but not my favorite of the Drew Estate collection. I’m a big fan of the UnderCrown, which is different than this so don’t expect the same flavors.

My biggest complaint was that it went out on me A LOT. It’s not my humidor humidity, which is at 65% right now. So, I’m not sure…I’ve seen other reviews where they didn’t experience this, but a buddy who attended the same event had the same issue. Maybe we got a bad batch?

Summary – For being free I obviously can’t complain and I’m thankful I got to try this specialty stick. I definitely enjoyed it for the first 30 minutes. Sadly, the flavors didn’t change on me nor did they WOW me like my last adventure with the T52.

I just put in a box order for the UF-13 and look forward to getting some bold flavors back on the palate. I haven’t had the UF-13 yet but hear its a flavor bomb and just a great one!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!



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