Cigars & Health…Am I smoking too much?

This is a different post. Something I don’t see anyone doing, so…I’ll address the elephant in the room. Cigars and Health.

The question isn’t how healthy are cigars for you, although I’m sure you can argue they’re therapeutic…but in reality the question is how unhealthy are they?

I’ve done some research and frankly there isn’t much out there beyond the obvious, its safer not to smoke.

How many cigars can I smoke a week or a month and minimize any chances of problems?

For this post I’m looking at the quantity of cigars smoked, per week, without causing irreparable damage.

A few things need to be addressed in order to answer this question, and by answer I mean as best as possible because the reality is no one knows the “true answer” and it depends on several factors:

  1. How healthy are you in general?
  2. Age
  3. Demographic
  4. Family history
  5. Genetics
  6. Exercise
  7. Medical History
  8. Medical Issues
  9. Inhaling/retro-hale

Guys like Stallone and Arnold have been smoking cigars for decades, who are 69 and 68 years old respectively. Both admit to smoking multiple stogies a day. Stallone is pushing 70 and looks as fit as a 35 year old.


Taking a different approach, take a look at most of the big name cigar owners/founder. For example, Papa Jose Padron who’s 90 years old.


How long has he been smoking cigars? And, how many? Obviously this answer is countless…

My conclusion…and let me make this clear, I’m by no means a doctor, so my recommendation would be to speak to your doctor. They will likely tell you to stay away, but you may get a little bit more out of them.

If you smoke 1-2 cigars per week it looks as if you’re in the clear. If you engage in anything like smoking I personally believe you need to make it up in other areas like exercise/diet. If you’re at 2-3 per day, your chances of smoking related problems jumps drastically. At 3 or more per day your chances of problems spike exponentially. I would also say it’s important to know what you’re smoking. Cheap cigars are made with cheap tobacco. Smoke premium cigars only…not to mention you’ll likely enjoy them more anyways.

It’s evident that some people can smoke 5 cigars a day and be fine. If I had to estimate I’d assume Jose Padron is at least 3+ a day and he’s going strong at 90 years old. There are many more examples so feel free to poke around the internet looking this up.

Regardless, I wanted to share what I’ve dug up on this topic. I know other people are curious about this. I’m also interested to hear what others say. I have a dentist appointment in a month, so I’ll update this post after I speak to him. Maybe he will have some good insight.

Moderation is key…




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