Cigar Reviewers…Reviewed!

When I think of Cigar reviewers, a few names come to mind immediately. One in particular who’s been my go-to. I’m not sure if a single reviewer can make or break a stick, but it provides some entertainment along with some insight. I’m a big fan of Youtube reviews so I’ll discuss some with video and others that are text only.  I’m not going to “bash” anyone because I believe anyone thats consistently trying to provide insight into something they’re passionate about should be given some credit. If they’re that bad, and yes there are some horrible ones, I’m leaving them off this post.

Delicia – Cigar Vixen (Youtube):

Delicia is very insightful and has posted some great reviews. Her cinematography skills aren’t the best, but neither are mine so I can’t knock it too much – they’re good enough. She’s also one of the very few women reviewers out there. She spends a great amount of time describing the cigar and the contents of it before lighting up – more so than most reviewers. She’s also a fan of cedar planks for toasting, which you don’t see many reviewers using.

Brian Glenn – Cigar Obsession (Youtube/Web):

Mr. Glenn is the Godfather of cigar reviews. He’s smoked and reviewed just about every stick out there. He’s been at it for years which is evidenced by the archives of video reviews. About 6 or so months ago he stepped up his recording skills with an extremely clear camera. Brian takes pride in his reviews and his patio setup where I’ve seen the tiki torches lit up numerous times. Occasionally he brings on guests and does giveaways.

Cigar Memoir (Kyles Reviews):

Kyle essentially snagged Brian Glenns winning format in every capacity: logo design, photos and video review structure – something he has admitted on his Youtube comments page. More recent reviews are good and he’s reviewed a lot of sticks, but I’d recommend coming up with something unique to differentiate from CO…

Should I smoke This (Youtube)

Interesting spin on cigar reviews. Both 60 second reviews and full length. The videos incorporate some comedy which is entertaining.

Cigar Dojo (Web)

These guys take a fun spin on reviews and incorporate a Ninja/Dojo vibe.

Halfwheel (Web)

Nice website, really good reviews.

Stogie Review (Web/Video)

Reviews are solid. Video quality is weak.

Cigar Inspector (Web)

Really good reviews. Nice breakdown with the use of 5 Stars per category.

Toasted Foot (Web)

Great reviews. Beautiful images.


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