Welcome to Cigar Vida !

IMG_1043Thank you for checking out Cigar Vida (Cigar Life). I created this site to share my experience with all things cigar. My focus isn’t to be another cigar reviewer out there, but instead to share my journey with you. I’ll write about my experiences, both good and bad.

My level of “cigar aficionadoism” is on the moderate side. I know some stuff, more than most, but still have a ways to go. Over time I’m hoping to gain enough knowledge to be considered a pro.

In an ideal world, my site will grow to a level I receive products to discuss, which will add to my content. In the meantime I will use what I own/purchase or get my hands on in a shop or lounge.

About me:

My name is Adam. I’m 31 and a resident of Chicago, IL. I’ve lived here for approximately 7 years post college. I received my first humidor when I was about 17 years old from my grandparents. I still have the humidor, but more importantly, I still have the memory of receiving it. I also have the memory of looking at my mom as I opened the gift and her look of displeasure!

Cigars are fascinating to me for a variety of reasons but the most important to me are the experiences. Cigars can be enjoyed in so many capacities: leisurely with friends, at a wedding, to celebrate a special occasion, on the golf course and one of my favorites, with my dad.


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