New Cigar Holder

After doing a lot of research I decided to purchase a Zino 2-Cigar holder. I looked at a few different brands and options:

One of the first considerations was a 2 or 3 holder. My rationale in purchasing a holder to begin with was pure portability so 2 over 3 just made sense to me. Also, I have a a 5 capacity Herf-A-Dor for extended trips (I’ll discuss the Herf-A-Dor in another post).

The top competitors for the cigar case were Warped, Davidoff and Zino (owned by Davidoff). I looked at the Carbon Fiber cases from Davidoff and a few others online – they look very cool but after more research I concluded leather was better for me. One of the appeals of leather is the aging process and uniqueness of coloring over time.


These look very sharp, beautiful colors, and the quality is great. They utilize something they’ve coined called “hyper-fuse” so there are no seems. The reason I didn’t go with them is purely because of the size constraints (length) and a bit more $ than I wanted to spend. They have 4 sizes, but I was looking for more of a one-size fits most. They didn’t really have this, but in the future I will probably give them a shot. The colors are really unique.




I ended up going with a DC Zino holder. After some email exchanges with Davidoff I decided this a great case for me. Per Davidoff:

R- Robusto – 46rg to 54rg (Robusto, Corona)

DC- Double Corona – 46rg to 56rg  (But it will fit longer cigar, like a Toro, Double Corona, Churchill)

XL- Extra Large Cigars – 56rg to 62rg (Gordo, Gigante)

The color and quality are excellent. Cigars stay fresh for up to 10 days, although I haven’t tested this yet…, and the price was right for me. Some of the other Davidoff’s were circa $130.00. I ended up finding this one at an authorized retailer shop in Minnesota who shipped it to me rather quickly and on sale ($70.00)!


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