Biggs – Chicago


Biggs is located in Chicago’s Gold Coast. (

One word to describe Biggs is “Impressive”. The building is massive with several floors and what feels like a never ending array of rooms. It’s amazing to think this was a single family home years and years ago.

What they’ve done very well is capture the history of the building and integrate the cigar lounge feel and vibe into it. When you walk through Biggs you can feel the history… almost like you’re traveling back in time.

The downstairs level is open to all. It’s also the retail area with a large walk in humidor and humidors/accessories to purchase. The selection of cigars is good…not the best…but they have a lot of options. Prices are a bit high, but it’s offset if you stick around and smoke in the lounge.

For $50.00 you can get a day pass and hang out on any of the floors, which is a bit high in my opinion. But if you feel like firing up a few smokes of your own, paying the $50.00 to hang out for several hours might not be too bad. To become a member the fee is $2500.00 per year (last inquiry was March of 2016). If I understand correctly you can bring 1 guest with you free of charge – which is great. You also get your own cigar locker.

The overall vibe is very relaxed. I’ve been to Biggs about 5 times now and can honestly say everyone hanging out is friendly. I’ve seen people bring a board game and play for a few hours while they smoked a cigar. If you’re not into playing games, there are 2 TVs with some comfy chairs.

All is not perfect at Biggs, so lets get to my only complaint…

The ventilation in the retail lounge is not that great…if there are several people hanging out with cigars be prepared to feel some affixation.

When I attended the Drew Estate Event (probably 50-60 people) the amount of smoke was unbearable.


Conclusion: Great spot and a must visit especially if your an out-of-towner. Can get a bit smokey if too many people are there.




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