Surviving Winter

If you live in a place where you get the joy of experiencing cold temps and minimal humidity I share your Humidor frustration… Trial and error has enabled me to hold steady at about 65%.

There are a lot of options out there, what’s the best? I think the answer depends on a few factors, below are some to consider:

  1. Where you live
  2. Size of humidor
  3. Quality of Humidor
  4. Amount of cigars being stored
  5. Humidity preference

To optimize your humidor performance you need to fill the space. A great analogy I’ve heard in the cigar community is that of the refrigerator…a refrigerator works most efficiently when full of groceries. The same can be said with a humidor. As you can see I’m running dangerously low on space, which is a good thing for humidity, but a bad thing for adding to my collection. I may need to build a tupperdoor in the near future…

What am I using?

Boveda packs (more on those later) and Heartfelt beads. The Heartfelt beads work well, but I think I need more during the winter months…I purchased the Large 70% Tube and refresh it every other week (anticipate dropping this down drastically post winter).

My take on Boveda packs: I think they’re solid for small spaces but they’re expensive and don’t last long. Pros=2 way humidity and hassle free Cons=Expensive and don’t last long

My take on Hearfelt beads: Seem to work well, buy more than you think you should because it can’t hurt because they’re a 2-way system like Boveda. Pros=Moderate price, last forever, easy maintenance Cons=Customer Service

I’ve tried it all…hopefully this information helps you save some time and money!



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