Drew Estate Event – Biggs



Jonathan Drew and Drew Estate held an event at Biggs (www.biggscigar.com) in Chicago. This was my first official cigar event and after this experience I will be going to more! Anyone that attended can attest to how great of a guy Jonathan is and how nice and welcoming he is. Which…leads me to my only complaint of the evening…with only about 15 people in front of me it took 2 hours to meet the man! He’s such a social and personable guy I understood why it took so long. For attending the event you received some freebies and stuff you can’t buy off. I received 2 UnderCrown Manifestos and a Unica A.

And it gets better…

One of the questions I wanted to know was Jonathans go-to stick, which is the T52. I told him I had never had one, but would definitely purchase one in the future. Jonathan proceeded to write his email down on my cigar box and told me to email him and he’d send me some to try…

A day later, Sunday evening, I took him up on the offer and wrote him an email thanking him for his time and the cigars. A few hours later he responded with one of his employees and instructed him to send me some sticks.

Three days later I received 7 gems…

I couldn’t be more impressed after this experience. I’ll continue to support Drew Estate and tell people this story!



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